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NETGEAR Genie is a safe way to control and manage everything that has to do with your home WiFi connection, not only for your computer but also for all your devices.

This application acts as a control panel for your network and lets you perform many different actions aimed at improving your safety. The options it features include:

-Internet. With this feature, you can check your connection status and see when it's down. With just a click, you can also check connection speed.

-WiFi connection. This tab shows all the WiFi networks around you - including the channels that each one uses - so you can get the most out of yours. Since it lets you switch the channel you use, you can avoid overlapping connections, ultimately making yours faster.

-Router configuration. Here you can access the same options available manually on the device, and you can change its settings without closing the app.

-Network allocation. All the devices that are connected to your WiFi networks appear on this tab, including a comprehensive summary for each device with its name, MAC address, IP address, type of connection, and status.

-Parental control. Any malicious website or inappropriate content can be blocked with this feature. It can only be accessed with permission.

And as if all of this wasn't enough, NETGEAR Genie includes other features to help you share your files between devices that are connected to the same network. There's also technical assistance, but only if you're registered on MyNetgear.

You have to be registered on MyNetgear to access some of the features.

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